Sheet Materials

Gubbins Pulbrook Mitre 10 is well stocked with a variety of sheet materials.

We regularly supply to commercial, industrial and DIY customers.To ensure the highest quality of our sheet materials, they are carefully stored in purpose-built racks that are fully lined.

This keeps all materials clean and in the same condition as when it was newly manufactured.


An engineered wood, Plywood offers strength and versatility, making it ideal for a range of marine, internal and external construction needs.

Structural plywood meets Australian safety standards for construction and is available in a variety of colours and grains.


Highly resistant to moisture, MDF is a dense and smooth surface perfect for shelving, panels and partitioning.
At Gubbins Pulbrook Mitre 10, we can supply MDF in a variety of dimensions.
Our staff can have it cut to the length and size you require, ready for installation.


Gubbins Pulbrook Mitre 10 is your local melamine sheeting supplier in the Southern Highlands.
Suited to a variety of applications, melamine is available in different colours and sizes.
Whether you are constructing cabinetry and shelves or storage units, our industry experts can efficiently cut the sheeting to size. We also arrange delivery.


Available unprimed or pre-primed and ready for construction, weatherboards are easy to paint and a cost-effective building material.
Gubbins Pulbrook Mitre 10 sources weatherboard materials from renowned manufacturers CSR, Design Pine, Bowral and James Hardie and can supply direct to our customers throughout the Southern Highlands.